Nervous system aromatherapyTaking care of your nervous system can help you restore and replenish your energy, stay focused without the caffeine jitter, and feel calm and relaxed so that you can get the rest you need when you need it.

Here are 4 approaches to help care for your nervous system for increased energy:

  1. Strengthen the nervous system with herbs such as burdock, dandelion, gingko, nettle, oaks and Siberian ginseng or try a blend of essential oils that are specifically designed to support he nervous system. Young Living offers two blends: Clarity and Brain Power.
  2. Encourage calm and relaxation with the herb or essential oils of chamomile or valerian,
  3. Explore coffee alternatives such as Yerba Mate, green tea, black tea, or Rooibos (African Red Bush) to avoid the caffeine jitter.
  4. Calcium has a soothing effect on the nervous system. Eat calcium-rich food for dinner (e.g. leafy greens, bone broth). If you take a calcium supplement, take it with dinner to help ease you into the evening.

Less Toxins, More Energy

Reducing toxic load turns out to have a lot to do with increasing your energy level. Our body has to use a lot of energy to process the environmental toxins that we come into contact with and ingest everyday. If we reduce our body’s workload, and therefore energy expenditure, in processing and eliminating toxins, we have more energy for everything else.

Reducing toxins in our living environment is very important too. Consider changing out toxic cleaning supplies to all natural alternatives. Toss out the fragrance plugins and fragrance candles. Dryer sheets, bleach, hand sanitizers- all of the unnatural items we have in our home that are loaded with chemical fragrance and toxins impact our mind, body and spirit.

Reducing toxic load can help reduce brain fog and boost our immune system, in turn increasing our productivity. It can also help improve our digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients, making them more available to support our daily activities.