Essential Soul CarePsychospiritual learning and experiencing with essential oils at the heart of it all…

Essential Soul Care brings together the elements of living an expansive life.  These foundational elements include the 7 domains of well-being paired with the 7 primary chakras.

We offer a book, an oracle deck and a course for personal growth and professional development. Take a look. See what we have to offer. Be prepared to live your best life.

This chart gives each oil that can be used to anoint each chakra.

Essential Soul Care Chakra Chart

CLICK HERE to download the Essential Chakra Chart PDF.

Learn about all the good aromatherapy you will experience if you use these oils for specific chakra anointing. Just refer to the chart below.

If you are interested in purchasing these seven oils just add each oil to your cart and be sure to become a member so that you can receive 24% off. These oils all come in 15 ml bottles so each bottle has nearly 300 drops of oil each.  With these oils you are all set. And if you want to go even deeper, be sure to keep an eye out of my upcoming book, Essential Soul Care: Your Guide to Designing an Expansive Life.

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Essential Oils for Chakras

Essential Soul Care Anointing Blend

If you would rather have a single roll-on that includes each of the 7 oils in a carrier of jojoba, stay tuned and be sure to sign up for email updates to find out the release of the blend and the book. The cost of the blend will be $25.00

essential soul care anointing blend