Intuitive Aromatherapy

“What Young Living is doing as a company will shift the consciousness of the planet.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Several years ago I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. I remember saying something like this to my friend and now my upline/sponsor~

“Like, really? Essential oils? I am allergic to everything. Are you kidding?” She replied, “That’s correct. Essential oils. Immerse yourself. Trust the physical and spiritual healing properties of the oils. Do it. Daily.”

And I did. Wow. Everything intuitive became enhanced. Everything dis-ease became ease-ier. And whenever I need containment or grounding I have an oil for that.  Oils are part of my daily regimen- not just once during the day, but throughout the day. It’s called a lifestyle change- a total shift to achieve wellness on all levels and it takes commitment, support, community and self-advocacy. And I was ready to make that change.

I use the oils in my work with others. I am an aromatherapist, but before I was an aromatherapist, I was a psychotherapist for 20 years and then I became a wellness coach. I use essential oils with my clients and I recommend essential oils to my students.

I share Young Living Essential Oils with others because I believe in the healing properties of essential oils and I am committed to using the best oils for myself and my family and sharing only the best with others.  There are many oils on the market and other quality oils exist but no other essential oils company can offer the sharing, education and community that comes with joining the Young Living family.

I am a Certified Aromatherapist and I offer courses that teach people how to integrate essential oils into their work with others. I am also a licensed mental health counselor and I have a Doctor of Theology D.Th. in Spiritual Direction. I incorporate essential oils in my counseling, coaching and spiritual work.

Intuitive Aromatherapy Specialist CertificateCertified Intuitive Wellness Coach

But if are ready to started with Young Living and start using essential oils in your daily life, Let’s Get Started!